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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect - Template

Client: Personal

Year: 2013

Technologies Used: Photoshop

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Essentially Ginas

Essentially Ginas

Client: Gina Tees


Technologies Used: JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Photoshop

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Lips Of An Angel


Client: Melissa Fishman


Technologies Used: CSS, HTML, PHP, Photoshop, Flash

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Crystal Clearings

CrystalClearings - Template

Client: Karen Robinson


Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, Digital Imaging

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WoW Warcry

War Warcry - Assistant Site Manager

Client: WoW Warcry


Technologies Used: Web Copywriting, HTML, Image Editing

Achievements: I helped Tim on his fan site. As assistant site manager, I helped in all aspects of the website. We migrated the website to the Warcry Network to become WoW Warcry. I ran an aggressive link building campaign that helped launch the site from 0 to 3 million unique monthly visitors.

I do not take credit for the current design of the site, almost everything Tim and I did has been replaced since our involvement

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